How much do Moa Breweries donate for every pack of LegaSea Lager sold?

December 4, 2018
For every pack of LegaSea Lager sold Moa’s contribution to LegaSea varies, depending if it’s a direct sale or sold via a wholesaler. Moa is committed to raising $50,000 for LegaSea through a combination of contributions and activity, with an obvious component of that fundraising goal coming through lager sales. There is a mixture of direct sales and wholesale sales with different pricing structures, which Moa has a greater appreciation for than we do. The important thing for us to appreciate is LegaSea is a not for profit organisation set up as the public outreach and fundraising arm of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. Our focus is to make the public aware of the many issues we face in a depleting fishery. Many of our inshore species are under increasing pressure through poor fisheries management, an inadequate quota management system, wasteful and destructive fishing practices and public fishing behaviour that needs modifying. The campaigns that LegaSea develops around species management decisions and issues such as The Crayfish Crisis or Time Out for Tarakihi (also please have a read of our manifesto), our public education initiative FishCare, our Kai Ika Project turning wasted fish heads and frames into community food are some of the many activities we undertake. It is an expensive commitment so sponsorship and fundraising are vital to our success. Thankfully we have a growing level of support from corporate sponsors, trusts and public donors. We actively pursue creative ways to raise funds by developing initiatives that allow people to make purchase decisions as part of their everyday lives knowing an element of that decision helps LegaSea. The launch of LegaSea Lager by Moa Brewing is just one of these initiatives. And, it‘s not just the $50,000 target, it is the number of messages on the side of the can that reach into the community. How do you put a value on that? The journey with Moa alongside LegaSea has just begun.