Phoenix Recycling Group – LegaSea Lifeblood

Contemporary buzzwords like ‘sustainability‘, environmental responsibility’, and ‘transformation’ are bandied about a lot these days, but it’s rare to come across an organisation that genuinely walks the talk in this space. Enter Phoenix Recycling Group, a 100% Kiwi-owned, nationwide recycling business focused on the circular economy.

What is the circular economy, you might ask?

 The Circular Economy

It’s an economic system based on reusing and regenerating materials or products. Phoenix plays its part by recovering infinitely recyclable metals to reduce the demand for landfills, deforestation, mining, and emissions.

“We have the protection of New Zealand’s environment at the core of our business purpose,” says Executive Director, CEO, and founder Eldon Reeve.

But how do we know it’s not all hot air? Well, last year (FY22) Phoenix Recycling Group recycled 99.427% of all the materials they processed – over 100,000 tonnes. And their work is backed by corresponding sustainability data and emissions reporting for customers.

“Sustainability data is the new currency of business; we consolidate our independently certified recycling data to assist businesses in the communication of their sustainability journeys,” explains Executive Director/Chief Sustainability Officer Hilary West-Reeve.

Cans for Kai

LegaSea and its supporters know damn well it’s not all hot air. Since coming on as a LegaSea Platinum Partner in 2022, not only have they made significant financial contributions, but they have also become a founding partner of Cans for Kai, a collaborative recycling programme between Phoenix and The Kai Ika Project for aluminium cans. With can cages being set up all around the city, Phoenix Recycling Group giving the Kai Ika Project money for every kilogram of cans delivered to them. This will go towards funding Kai Ika for years to come and help us continue to feed our communities with delicious, healthy kai. 

Lionel Hotene from Papatūānuku Kokiri Marae explains, “Cans for Kai is as simple as it sounds.”

“We collect aluminium cans at Westhaven Marina, the Outboard Boating Club, Ōrākei Marina and Papatūānuku Kōkiri Marae. Phoenix Recycling Group pays us for the resource and recycles the cans. Phoenix contributes to our financial security and independence. It’s incredibly motivating to have partnered with an industry leader like Phoenix.”

The Founders

Hilary West-Reeve and Eldon Reeve are the dynamic duo behind Phoenix Recycling. With a passion for reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices, the Reeves have transformed Phoenix Recycling into a beacon of innovation in the recycling industry. Their relentless commitment to cleaner, healthier oceans has been the driving force behind our partnership and the reason the Phoenix team have contributed so much to the LegaSea and The Kai Ika Project missions.