Fisheries Management / Scientist

October 10, 2019 Apply Now
Do you have a passion for the marine environment? Are you concerned about the decades of  degradation and depletion of our coastal fisheries? Would you like to work with a committed team focused on restoring abundance and diversity to our marine environment? We are looking for a dynamic, self motivated individual to fill a contract role based in Wellington. We are looking for someone who will support and inspire your team-mates, manage your time and who requires minimal supervision. The role The position is for an independent contractor to engage in fisheries management and research planning processes on behalf of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC), LegaSea and other science providers.
  1. The NZSFC is a recognised national sporting organisation representing 55 member fishing clubs and advocating for the recreational fishing and marine environmental interests of the public.
  2. Provide technical advice and marine research services to a range of organisations.
  3. LegaSea is a not for profit organisation focused on increasing public awareness about the issues facing our inshore fisheries, and finding solutions to restore abundance and marine diversity.
The successful applicant will represent the interests of the organisations’ members and supporters, and the broader interests of New Zealand’s marine recreational fishers and divers. You will be expected to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the NZ fisheries management system.
  2. Provide analysis and evaluation that will contribute to improved outcomes for fisheries and fishers.
  3.  Attend fisheries technical working group meetings and engage with a range of stakeholder groups and Fisheries New Zealand officials,  including working groups and management/advisory groups.
  4. Review proposal documents, provide initial advice and contribute to written submissions on fisheries sustainability and management decisions.
To generate value you will need to have a sound understanding of:
  1. Fisheries management, science, consultation and submission processes.
  2. The Resource Management Act and other environmental processes.
  3. How to maximise  communication channels, written, electronic and verbal.
In addition to a range of fisheries management responsibilities the successful candidate will be amiable and integrate with the existing fisheries management team, the LegaSea team, external stakeholders and members of the public. KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Fisheries Management 
  1. Attend and report on fisheries management and other relevant meetings. Report to internal stakeholders. Include recommendations and follow-up actions as required.
  2. Liaise and support the fisheries management team as required.
  3. Maintain the register of fisheries management activity. Upload new documents to a website.
  4. Prepare reports for the Fisheries Management Committee and the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council:
    1. Quarterly reports on fisheries management activity.
    2. Fisheries Management Annual Report.
    3. Meetings attended, internal and external, in a timely manner.
    4. As requested.
  1. Support LegaSea activity as required.
  2. Provide back-up to the communications team –
    1. Develop/review social media communications.
    2. Prepare public awareness material that is simple to comprehend.
  3. Represent LegaSea at public events and report on that attendance.
  4. Promote LegaSea, encourage greater support for the cause of more fish in the water and a healthier marine environment.
  5. Support the regional development of the Kai Ika Project
Because this is an independent contracting role there is an expectation that you maintain an accurate record of hours worked for each organisation. To be effective in this role, we are looking for someone who has a culmination of the following experience:
  1. Fisheries Science
  2. Environmental management and/or advocacy
  3. Statistical analysis and/or modelling
  4. Basic programming experience in the statistical programming language R
  5. High quality report and/or academic writing skills
Professional experience is required and hourly rates will be adjusted to reflect experience. Applications close 30 October 2019.Apply Now