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The Waikato Regional Council (WRC) is seeking the public’s views on whether they need to restrict particular recreational or commercial activities in some coastal areas. The WRC will review public feedback and include any restrictions or area closures in the updated 10-year Coastal Plan. Submission deadline was Friday, 22 July. It is now Friday 29 July. 

The WRC area covers the west coast from Franklin down to Mokau, and from the Firth of Thames down the Coromandel east coast to Homunga Bay, almost to Waihi. 

We say fishing activities in the marine environment need to be managed using the Fisheries Act. That’s because only Fisheries Act tools are capable of restoring marine ecosystems by rebuilding fish abundance and diversity.

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Deadline: UPDATED now Friday 29 July 2022

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  • SECTION 1: Proposed Policy ECO-P10 Avoiding activities that disturb vulnerable ecologically significant areas.
    Within identified vulnerable ecologically significant marine areas, activities that disturb the foreshore and seabed or adversely affect indigenous biodiversity values must be avoided.

  • SECTION 2: Proposed Method ECO-M1 Identifying vulnerable ecological areas in Schedule 7c.
    Council will identify and insert areas into a new schedule - Schedule 7c: Ecologically significant marine areas vulnerable to disturbance activities, where there is sufficient information to support the protection of these areas.

  • SECTION 3: Proposed rule options - Prohibiting disturbance activities or the taking of plants and animals.

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