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Let the facts be a part of the solution

May 27, 2024 You would consider yourself lucky if you were found alive 24 hours after falling overboard from a boat. In January, a man was fishing solo out behind the Alderman Islands. Somehow he fell overboard and in little over 24 hours drifted in the currents to Mayor Island, over 55 km away from the Aldermans. Incredibly […]

LegaSea newsletter #146 – We can’t eat our way out of mismanagement

May 2, 2024 Tackling kina barrens does not necessarily mean we should be harvesting more kina. It is a sign of ecosystem imbalance that requires an integrated management approach. Unless the Ministry for Primary Industries address the root cause of kina overabundance we will be stuck in a never-ending cycle. We can not eat our way out of […]

An uncertain future for Kiwi scallops

April 27, 2024 It’s been two years since the last remaining scallop beds in the Hauraki Gulf were placed under emergency closure. While it may feel like a lifetime since we’ve had fresh, local scallops on our dinner plates, it still may not be enough time for our scallops to regenerate. So anyone anticipating a meal of plump […]

LegaSea newsletter #145 – The environmental cost of destructive fishing methods exposed

April 17, 2024 Cameras onboard commercial fishing vessels have exposed the environmental cost of destructive, indiscriminate fishing techniques. Since the installation of cameras on 127 vessels, the volume of reported fish discarded has increased by 46 percent and interactions with protected species, including seabirds and dolphins, is more than double what was previously reported.

Cracks in the Kaikoura pāua fishery

April 9, 2024 Originally published in the New Zealand Fishing News, April 2024. New Zealand, a country just north of the furious 50s, a series of small islands perched precariously on a volcanic fault line and more than 1000 nautical miles from its nearest neighbours. We pride ourselves on our wild coastlines and incredible marine life. This is […]

Improvements to the Gulf moving at snail’s pace

April 4, 2024 Whether you’re an avid fisherman, diver, or just enjoy the glorious landscape of the Hauraki Gulf, the proposed Hauraki Gulf Marine Protection Bill will determine where and what you can access in our Marine Park. The Environment Select Committee recently concluded public hearings on the Protection Bill and the range of views expressed over two […]

Look out Coromandel, trawlers are heading your way…

April 1, 2024 The pristine waters of the Coromandel could become the last resort for bottom trawling and seining if the Hauraki Gulf Marine Protection Bill gets through Parliament. The Environment Select Committee is currently reviewing the Protection Bill, after holding hearings in Auckland in early March. Successive submitters urged the Committee to consider the wider impacts of […]

LegaSea newsletter #144 – Wise decision-making or blatant commercial bias?

March 27, 2024 Last Friday the Minister for Oceans and Fisheries, Shane Jones, made his first round of decisions for a range of fish stocks across New Zealand. While we hoped for a positive outcome, we have instead been left with a sour taste for what is to come. What is clear from the decisions is the Minister’s […]

The demise of East Coast crayfish

March 20, 2024 A part of being a good Kiwi is sticking up for our neighbours when something’s not right. Now is the time tosupport our whānau living around the North Island’s east coast, as their crayfish is under threat. We need to work together as crayfish are a national taonga, a treasure. Local communities, Māori, and commercial […]

The consequences of collapsing shellfish populations

March 14, 2024 Collecting kai moana is a Kiwi summer tradition, wading in knee-deep water, collecting buckets of pipi, cockles, or whatever else your auntie fancies. It’s an ancient practice, and a way of life for some. Running out of hands to collect used to be the norm. Instead, we are faced with emergency closures and rāhui, temporary […]