LegaSea Legends

Legend has it that Aotearoa, New Zealand, was founded by a fisherman. The legend was Māui.  Te Ika-a-Māui, the North Island, was his fish and the South Island, Te Waka-a-Māui, his canoe, his waka. Māui was our original legend. A loved tale of a mythical god. New Zealand has paved its way through many ordinary people who have become legends whether they have climbed the highest mountain or dived to the deepest depth. They shared a vision and determination. LegaSea Legends have the vision, belief and encouragement to collectively support our work as we endeavour to return New Zealand’s fish life to abundance. To say it can’t be done is to never step foot on the mountain. Be an ordinary kiwi, but be a LegaSea Legend and help achieve something great – something Māui would do. Tena koutou.
By giving at least $10 per month you will become a LegaSea Legend. Upon becoming a Legend we will send you a welcome pack with exclusive LegaSea Legend decals. You will also receive special offers and maximum respect.

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