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Bottom trawler found guilty of fishing in closed area: groups call for govt to deny new fishing permits 

March 9, 2022 Environmentalists and recreational fishing groups today heralded the guilty verdict delivered to a Talley’s-owned bottom trawler, the Amaltal Apollo, and its skipper, for illegally bottom trawling on seamounts in international waters.   The groups repeated their call for the government to ban the destructive fishing practice on seamounts , and to refuse to issue high seas […]

A brief history of the Kahawai Legal Challenge

May 27, 2021 “But to see the kahawai at its best we have to go to New Zealand. There, huge shoals of these fish range the coast and work away up the inlets and rivers. One of these big bodies of fish on the move is a stirring sight.” –  Wal Hardy, The Saltwater Angler (1966).  Kahawai is […]

Coromandel locals take scallop decline crisis into their own hands

December 18, 2020 RNZ. A rapid decline in the scallop populations on the eastern side of the Coromandel Peninsula has seen LegaSea organise Coromandel locals place a rāhui on taking scallops this summer. Ngāti Hei kaumatua Joe Davis explains to Jesse why a lack of official action to address the situation has led to the locals stepping in.

Rāhui imposed on Coromandel scallop fishery after fears of over fishing

December 17, 2020 Stuff: The decline in scallop numbers and a lack of action from government, has prompted a small Coromandel town to put a rāhui on scallop harvesting over the summer period. In September eight organisations co-wrote a letter to David Parker, the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, calling for the Government to take action on depleted scallop […]