Corporate sponsorship

Want to help restore marine abundance for the benefit of all New Zealanders?
Our fish and the marine ecosystem supporting them is in peril. We have created a serious imbalance with:

-The use of destructive fishing methods.
-Over exploitation of our fisheries resources.
-Dysfunctional Quota Management System.

If we don’t act now the outlook is bleak. 

Our well-established partner programme allows forward-thinking individuals, and organisations, to help us achieve a shared goal – To rescue our fish. We know what needs to be done and how to get there but we need your help!

We have partnership options to suit all well-meaning business donors, some of which have economic reasons to offer support whilst others choose to support LegaSea out of social responsibility. 

Download the LegaSea Prospectus to learn more about what we do and what your contribution will help accomplish.

What’s in it for you?

This is not your normal investment proposal. The prospect of saving our fish is a unique opportunity. Whilst there are no shares to buy or cash dividends paid the potential return is priceless. 

View all benefits below.

LegaSea Works Sponsorship

Starting at $500 + GST per year


Designed to cover the “we’ll help” business decision. If a healthy coastal environment with abundant fish life works for you it certainly works for us. Sponsoring us to achieve this goal for New Zealanders will make you and your staff proud.

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Building LegaSea Sponsor

Starting at $2,000 + GST per year

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If you are in the construction industry or just like being involved in building something big try helping us rebuild our fish life. This is an option to allow you to give a little more.

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Gold Sponsorship


LegaSea Gold Partners are committed and so are we. There is a strong emphasis on LegaSea partners networking together based on their common bond as leaders in helping to achieve more fish in the water and a healthier marine environment. 

Platinum Sponsorship


Partners are our lifeblood. Being a LegaSea Partner is a leadership decision. To rebuild our fish life to abundance our country needs business and brand leaders with shared commitment and a belief we can succeed together.