Sharing is conservation

November 14, 2017 A pilot scheme involving an Auckland boating club and local marae is drawing widespread acclaim for its conservation gains and the coming together of people from different walks of life. The joint project is underpinned by principles of sharing and caring for our environment and each other, and could easily be replicated in other parts […]

NIWA survey to count fish

October 28, 2017 Two important surveys are under way to measure harvest by marine recreational fishers. LegaSea encourages you to cooperate with the researchers if they phone you or approach you on the boat ramp. Over the next 12 months NIWA will be measuring and counting fish landed by recreational anglers at popular boat ramps. This large-scale survey […]

LegaSea Annual Report

October 27, 2017 LegaSea held its Annual General Meeting in mid-September and the presentation of the Annual Report was well received by over 100 attendees. It has been a year of growth and outreach for LegaSea. Outreach It is exciting and encouraging to have Yachting New Zealand and the New Zealand Underwater Association stepping up to support our […]

A grand donation humbles LegaSea

October 27, 2017 LegaSea was honoured to receive a thousand dollar donation from the Hauraki Gulf Sportfishing Club recently. This is a club of less than a hundred members, all of whom are committed to ensuring a better fishing experience in the future. Club representative Peter Stewart took the opportunity to hand the $1000 cheque over to the […]

FAQ – Why do we still fish in spawning season?

October 26, 2017 A question we hear every year Spawning success depends on a range of environmental factors ranging from the weather to water temperature or even just the currents. These factors can hugely influence the spawning success. Research indicates a season with warmer waters may increase the survival of these eggs and juvenile snapper by 10-20 times. […]

New portfolio goes a long way towards fixing fisheries management

October 25, 2017 LegaSea welcomes the creation of a new separate portfolio for Fisheries and wishes the new Minister of Fisheries, Stuart Nash, good luck as he tackles what has become a highly contentious portfolio. Fisheries has been lumped in with forestry and farming under the Ministry for Primary Industries banner since 2012 but it has never sat […]

Crayfish campaign a success

October 4, 2017 Between July and September LegaSea ran a campaign – the ‘Crayfish Crisis’. It highlighted the collapse of the Crayfish 2 (CRA 2) stock and the need for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Quota Management System. This campaign was developed following the March 2017 survey of more than 800 CRA 2 fishers and divers. […]

Charm offensive not working

October 4, 2017 It’s been difficult finding anyone who believes the propaganda appearing on our screens that extols the virtues of the Quota Management System. Fishing corporates have spent millions in an effort to convince us that they are looking after our marine resources for our kids and grandkids and all is well. Nothing could be further from […]

Political parties united in call for inquiry into fisheries debacle

September 11, 2017 Labour and the Green Party have both come out in support of an inquiry into the management of New Zealand’s fisheries, leaving National as the only party which has declared itself unwilling to look into the issue in the lead up to the election. ACT, TOP and Mana have not responded to requests for a […]

Marine park concept fading to grey

September 6, 2017 Weeks before the last election the National Party announced the creation of two marine parks, one in the upper South Island and another in the inner Hauraki Gulf. The announcement was enough to sway swinging voters to vote National on the promise of improved recreational fishing in these areas. As another election looms the parks […]