LegaSea photo competition

Your photo can help show everyone how wonderful our marine environment is, and how it’s important that we look after it for the generations to follow.

We want you to show us your photography skills and you could win some must-have gear from one of our generous sponsors.

A photo speaks 1000 words. As our seas and creatures within them are continually hammered by poor environmental practices such as trawling and dredging, we need your support in showing other people the value of our oceans. 

That’s why we’d like you to send your best photos. Categories are defined below and you can enter as many times as you like. 

This is an awesome way to support the effort for more fish in the water and a healthier marine environment. So while you’re out there snapping your summer pics be sure to send us your photos, of good or sad marine scenes.

Photo categories:

  1. Landscape coastal shots. 
  2. Marine life in their natural environment. 
  3. People preparing and eating seafood – filleting, smoking fish, cooking, eating and using the whole fish. 
  4. Lifestyle shots – diving, fishing, camping, enjoying being by the sea. 

Please do not send us trophy shots of you or your friends holding up the very impressive kingfish or snapper just caught! We know you enjoy your fishing but for this competition we want photos focused on the environment. 

LegaSea prizes for that special image

This is not a photo competition in the usual sense, we are looking for those ‘special’ shots or moments in each of the  categories above. We will be giving away some great prizes, some LegaSea clothing and accessories, for adults and young photographers under 14. When you send in your photo/s make sure you tell us your age and a little bit about the photo. And be sure to send them in as high resolution photos.

Send your photos by email, dropbox, WeTransfer, Google or OneDrive to:
[email protected]

Please note: Any photos submitted become the property of LegaSea to use in campaigns, online and newsletters. Credit will be given where practical; mostly in the format of LegaSea/your first name. your last name.


1 – Scenic coastal shots on and off the water.

 2 – Marine life in their natural environment
– underwater, on the water, fish, mammals, birds or crustaceans.

3 – People preparing and eating seafood
– filleting, smoking fish, cooking, eating, using the whole fish.

4 – Lifestyle shots
– diving, fishing, camping by the sea. Enjoying our coastline and beaches.