FAQ – Why do we still fish in spawning season?

October 26, 2017 A question we hear every year Spawning success depends on a range of environmental factors ranging from the weather to water temperature or even just the currents. These factors can hugely influence the spawning success. Research indicates a season with warmer waters may increase the survival of these eggs and juvenile snapper by 10-20 times. […]

Gut hooked fish are a dying waste

January 16, 2015 There has been widespread discussion about the number of small snapper being caught in close off the northeast coast and whether the new 30cm minimum size limit is good for the fishery. There is some suggestion the size needs to return to 27cm, or have no minimum and land everything. There are downsides to that […]

Frequently asked questions about fisheries

December 29, 2014 As the spotlight turns on fisheries and marine protection issues people are questioning current management practices and seeking solutions. LegaSea has summarised a few snapper FAQs. Are trawlers allowed in the Hauraki Gulf? Trawling and Danish seining are banned from the inner Hauraki Gulf, from around the bottom end of Kawau Island across to the […]

Recreational fishing not part of quota system

November 10, 2014 A popular misconception is that all fishing is managed via quota and the Quota Management System. Truth is, quota is used to manage commercial fishing. Recreational fishing is managed outside the QMS, and daily bag and minimum size limits are used to control each individual’s catch. LegaSea is committed to ensuring public fishing remains free […]

Differing perspectives on allowances

November 1, 2014 One of the major talking points during the snapper campaign in 2013 was the assertion that recreational catch had increased exponentially and that effort needed to be reined in through bag limit reductions. Fact is, management of Snapper 1 had not been reviewed for 16 years and the recreational allowance made in 1997 did not […]