Let’s Tip The Scales

August 8, 2014
LegaSea has developed 5 principles to help Tip the Scales towards more abundant fisheries and fairer management decisions. Our team has sent these principles and specific policy recommendations to all of the political parties. We have asked them to adopt these principles and deliver more public friendly fisheries policy. But, they will only be swayed if there is enough public support so, please, go online and tell them what you want. All you need to do is: 1. Register your support for the 5 principles, at LegaSea.co.nz/tipthescales. 2. Share the Tip the Scales link with family and friends. 3. Share the Tip the Scales Facebook post on your page. 4. Make an appointment with your local MP and tell them you want their party to engage and deliver on public friendly fisheries policy. 5. Make an informed decision when you cast your vote on September 20th. And you will be joining a powerful team. We have got some serious horsepower supporting our vision including Matt Watson, Sir Graham Henry, Jamie McDell and legendary former All Black, Kees Meeuws. Specifically, the Tip the Scales campaign vision is “For New Zealand to have sustainable and well managed fisheries that provide abundance for current and future generations”. After you have been online and registered your support for the 5 principles we will keep you updated. Closer to the election we will report back to you and let you know which party has the earned the most points for their fisheries policy. They can earn up to 20 points for adopting each of the 5 principles. There are extra points on offer for any innovative ideas. LegaSea will not be endorsing any particular political party, that’s your decision. Our task is to educate and engage you on fisheries matters; then give you the opportunity to show the politicians how much we really care about the way our fisheries are being treated. Each of us has two votes. Use your electorate vote to support the person that best represents your community. Your party vote is the most important because it determines who will be responsible for managing our fisheries over the next three years. Simply, fill in your details online and ask your family and friends to do the same. It’s easy. Then vote on September 20th. Together we can Tip the Scales.