Legends at the Auckland Boat Show

May 25, 2015

One of the most encouraging aspects of the recent Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show was the willingness of people to talk with our team and share their fishing experiences with us. If you were one of those people that visited our stand between the 14th and 17th May thanks for the stories, your support and feedback on how we can do things better. We are constantly striving to improve our communications so we reach more people and your suggestions are highly valued.

LegaSea Legends
LegaSea Legends is the latest initiative to recognise people who are committed to fishing and conserving fish for future generations. Legends was launched at the Boat Show and the team were pleased with the positive response.

People who contribute at least $10 per month to LegaSea are entitled to join the Legends programme and receive a Welcome Pack and Certificate of Recognition. New contributors welcomed this appreciation of their generosity, and past regular contributors were particularly pleased to learn they qualified for ‘Founding Legend’ status and an exclusive “Certificate of Recognition” to acknowledge their foresight and ongoing support.

What does it mean to be a LegaSea Legend?

INVOLVED – Actively participating and eager to learn what actions can accelerate a rebuild in our fisheries.
RESPECTED – Appreciated by LegaSea and your fishing peers.
INFORMED – Aware of the issues affecting our fisheries.
DEDICATED – Investing $10 per month to help restore your fisheries to abundance.

How are LegaSea Legends recognised?
LegaSea appreciates the commitment of people who sign up to the Legends programme. In return for your contribution you receive:

  • A ‘Welcome Pack’, including a Certificate of Recognition and multiple decals
  • Regular updates and access to tools so you can easily respond to fisheries management issues and influence change; and
  • Relevant “thanks” opportunities through our sponsors’ promotions.

What happens to the money?
100% of public donations made through the LegaSea Legends programme is transferred to the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council whose Board carefully invests it in advocacy, research and education work streams. There is an endless list of issues that need to be addressed and publicised; this work costs money if we want it done independently and consistently to a high standard.

In the 2013-14 financial year, the Council invested over $130,000 on advocacy, research, education and promoting public awareness of issues.

Collectively the Council’s projects, submissions, and public awareness initiatives are designed to achieve abundant fisheries and meaningful fishing experiences for their members and for us, the public who have faith and belief in this work.