Fryday FryUp – 7 October

October 7, 2016
LegaSea needs your help, a clever way to avoid jandal accidents on boat ramps, orca whales up close, Sir Graham Henry’s fishing success, latest news. LegaSea needs your help Our poll asking if you support a full Commission of Inquiry into this fisheries management is still online. If you haven’t already voted, please do so. It takes about 3 seconds to complete. LegaSea – Take the poll You can join our mailing list and stand alongside the tens of thousands of Kiwis who are starting to ask questions about why our fisheries are so poorly managed, and what are we going to do about it? LegaSea – Join the Team As ever we need your support to keep up with our activities. Donations are gratefully received – just click on the link below and we’ll guide you through the rest. But also, Christmas is coming so why not think about shopping for your fishing mates at the store. You’ll find some great products from our supporting partners and some great prices too. Whether it’s sun hats, manual inflate lifejackets, something to keep you warm or a bumper sticker for the car, we’ve got you covered. Plus all profits go to help the cause. LegaSea – Donate LegaSea – Show you care. Wear the gear or grab a gift with the help of LegaSea A clever way to avoid jandal accidents on boat ramps Despite some elements suggesting that recreational fishers don’t pay their fair share and that all recreational fishers do is take time off to go fishing (ahem) and don’t add any value, there still seems to be huge demand for fishing gear, boats, tackle and the like. One item caught our eye here at FryUp HQ this week. Having stood on a number of boat ramps in Jandals trying not to slide off the side into waist-deep water full of broken oyster shells while our “mate” sits in the ute winding on the winch handle because he’s too cheap to get a powered one that works, this really appeals to us. It’s the Balex Automatic Boat Loader – basically a pair of battery powered rubberised caterpillar tracks that drag the boat up onto the trailer while you watch from dry land. It’s designed here in New Zealand and it looks like they’re crowdsourcing the next phase of development and are looking for investors. Now that’s innovation for you. Check out the video and see for yourself. Balex Marine – Automatic Boat Loader Orca whales up close And while you’re sorting the boat out, here’s a wee video for you that should help put a smile on your dial. Filmed around the Mercury Islands it demonstrates why New Zealand has one of the largest boating populations in the world and why we need to ensure no more of our fishery environment is destroyed in the pursuit of low-value profits. Jack Preston is a photographer who was out playing with his new drone on only its fourth flight. He’s managed to capture some tremendous footage of a pod of orca that will make you throw off your Friday shackles, ignore the lousy weather and run straight into the water. We really don’t know how lucky we are, some days. Yahoo News – Stunning drone footage shows orca hunting stingray in Coromandel Fred Dagg – We don’t know how lucky we are (Should be our next National Anthem) Sir Graham Henry’s fishing success Speaking of legendary moments, check out this fellow and his snapper. He looks familiar but maybe it’s just the LegaSea life jacket he’s wearing (you can get yours from the LegaSea shop for $110 (thanks to our partners Hutchwilco). Sir Graham is a good keen fisher and a supporter of LegaSea and the work we do to promote fishing. We sent Sir Graham off to see Matt Von Sturmer for some saltwater fly fishing and despite the lumpy weather, the results speak for themselves. Sir Graham goes fishing Latest news QC labels MPI inaction flawed – Prime territory but where are the crayfish? – Mixed bag of Ministerial decisions – Change to rebuild southern scallops – Most recent articles –