Fryday FryUp – 18 November

November 18, 2016

Kaikoura, seabed mining, Christmas is coming.

The earthquake has really messed things up for central New Zealand and in particular for boaties and fisher folk heading out to sea.

While the tsunami risk has gone for now, it’s never a bad time to make sure your planning is up to scratch. Let someone know where you’re going. Take two forms of communication. Bring me back a fish, OK?

And while we’re still struggling to figure out if we’ll ever see crayfish again in the Hauraki Gulf, the Kaikoura locals are making sure the confused little fellows make it back into the water after some serious changes were made to their native environment.

Kia kaha to the folks who are still cut off, who are trying to figure out if they’ll have jobs or homes to come back to. Don’t let the TV news fool you – those of us outside the region won’t forget, and the help and support is only just beginning.

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Seabed mining
While we’re stirring things up, LegaSea is supporting KASM (Kiwis Against Seabed Mining) in its fight for information around the proposed Trans-Tasman Resources application to excavate 50 million tonnes of sediment each year from the South Taranaki Bight seabed.

Last week we told you TTR had to provide all the information it had left out of its resource consent application after initially refusing to release detailed analysis.

Now, in a new application, TTR has neglected to consider the impact any mining would have on fish stocks, non-commercial environmental and fishing interests and local communities.

This just isn’t good enough. Fish stocks are under enough pressure as it is without having a mining company destroy their environment without at least explaining what impact the mining will have on sea life.

KASM says almost 10,000 submissions have been received and if that number is anything to go by most are from the public and most are opposed to seabed mining.

LegaSea – Seabed mining – here we go again

Christmas is coming
Sorry, but there’s no escaping it.

But never fear, you can buy your loved ones some sweet LegaSea gear safe in the knowledge that you’ll be getting good quality kit AND supporting a worthy cause at the same time.

Whether it’s beanies, sun hats, life jackets or t-shirts, we’ve got you covered.

And if you can’t find that special something on our site, have a look at our Partners page and support those who support us. That way we can keep doing what we can on your behalf and you can tick off the present buying from your to-do list.

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