2018 Hutchwilco Boat Show

May 20, 2018

Since the establishment of LegaSea the organisers of the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show have gifted LegaSea stand space at the event. The show is run by Premiere Exhibitions Limited under the management of Dave Gibbs. Year on year the LegaSea stand space has grown with better and better locations provided each year.

The outcome

This was the best Boat Show LegaSea has attended. Our stand worked well. As the flat long nature of the shape allowed for plenty of access. The show was well attended with the stand busy throughout the entire show. The only slow period appeared to be Thursday afternoon whereas in past years Friday late night was dead.
Key observations
• Higher attendance figures
• An increased awareness of LegaSea year on year. Average awareness and positive response had doubled since the Boat Show 2017.
• Positive mood amongst attendees. Seemed excited and eager to spend, listen and contribute across all stands.
• The show was well promoted and the value of the major $200000 Surtees prize package seemed to draw in the attendees.
• The Sea wall worked yet again
• Having both the seawall and a competition to win the $500 Daiwa reel stopped people long enough for us to engage.
• Overall data year on year from our numbers showed lifts in results.