Fieldays 2018

June 13, 2018

For the second year running LegaSea have been invited to exhibit on the ITM stand at the National Fieldays. An integral part of this invitation is the construction and facilitation of the LegaSea ITM Sea Wall as a descriptive and engaging way for ITM to promote their support of LegaSea and the goal to rebuild our inshore fisheries to abundance.


Our stand was constantly busy throughout the day, public appreciation and awareness of LegaSea has grown from the previous year and those that were not aware of LegaSea rapidly agreed that it was important to have an organisation actively looking after the public interest in the inshore fishery.

Key observations

• Higher attendance figures
• An increased awareness of LegaSea year on year.
• Positive mood amongst attendees. People were excited and eager to listen and contribute.
• The Sea wall worked yet again
• Having both the seawall and a competition to win the $500 Daiwa reel stopped people long enough for us to engage.
• The value in bonding further with the ITM team is priceless.
• Total donations were not significant however public engagement was fruitful.

The numbers

Whilst the show attracted many visitors there is a lot to see and people are in a hurry to see it all. We were encouraged that each transaction, donation or subscriber involved personal interaction by stand staff and this is highly valued.
Breakdown of moneys from the 2018 Fieldays.
Total $1902
Merchandise $1040
Subscribers entered into the “Give LegaSea a Real Hand. Win a Daiwa TD Sol III LT
Totalled 479 – 400 manual (2 clip boards operating) and 79 by the single ipad on the stand.