NZ Underwater signs MoU with LegaSea

July 14, 2020

Public support is swelling for reforms to fisheries management. The New Zealand Underwater Association (NZUA) being the latest organisation to join the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council and LegaSea in their efforts to create abundance in our coastal fisheries. Together these groups are seeking an overhaul to the existing fisheries management policy which begins by scrapping the Quota Management System and replacing it with a proposed alternative called Rescue Fish.

NZUA, NZSFC and LegaSea have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), agreeing to work together to prioritise the health of New Zealand’s marine environment and allow regeneration of coastal fishers through better management of natural resources.

NZUA Board Member, Andy Stewart explains, “divers around the country have seen the degradation and damage to our marine environment for decades. It’s time for us to get more involved and this partnership provides real opportunity for collective impact. We’re excited.”

“The MoU is significant in that it shows a groundswell of support for fisheries management reform. Kiwis simply want an abundant marine environment and the NZUA is as committed to fisheries management reform as we are,” says LegaSea’s Sam Woolford.

“For us, it’s motivational. It reinforces that the public knows our current fisheries management system is not serving us. We all want to see the health of our marine ecosystem prioritised,” concluded NZSFC President Bob Gutsell.