What are the benefits of having multi-species commercial fishing permits?

June 26, 2020

Having multi-species commercial fishing permits in mixed finfish fisheries addresses the failings associated with single species management. Multi-species permits represent a more holistic way to manage life within the marine environment. 

The benefits of multi-species permits include the following – 

  1. Removes target and bycatch categories. Catch is catch and ALL catch will be landed. 
  2. Moves from single species to multi-species management. 
  3. Removes the complexity of catch balancing and the current deemed values regime.
  4. Reduces the economic incentives for fishers to dump their catch. 
  5. Encourages innovation. 
  6. Removes the incentives to deploy indiscriminate bulk harvesting methods. 
  7. Improves public perception of effective management and fishing practices.