Why don’t we apply a ‘land-all catch’ policy to recreational fishing?

August 23, 2018

A land-all catch policy is variously promoted as a way of reducing recreational fishing activity and related mortality, assuming that once the bag limit is caught the person will stop fishing. There are good reasons why LegaSea does not support a land-all catch policy being applied to recreational fishing, including the following –

  1. People will be required to kill fish that they would otherwise have released alive. This will increase fishing mortality and upset conservation minded fishers.
  2. There is no way to police the land-all catch on the water, it relies on voluntary compliance.
  3. Some people may keep fishing for other species after their bag limit for a common species is caught. This could increase fishing mortality.
  4. A land-all catch policy means no minimum size limits would apply. Commercial fishers would expect a similar no minimum size limit policy to apply to their catch.
  5. Small fish are vulnerable to fatal injuries if not handled correctly prior to release. Small snapper caught in shallow waters can be released successfully if handled correctly.

LegaSea has developed FishCare – The school of best practice to help people reduce their impact on the marine environment, and help fishers to release fish successfully. For handy tips and techniques go to the FishCare website. 

Read more about why LegaSea does not support applying a land-all catch policy to recreational fishing here.