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LegaSea is a non profit organisation dedicated to restoring the abundance, biodiversity and health of New Zealand’s marine environment. 

Success will be achieved with widespread public support and understanding for policy and fisheries management reform, and by minimising the environmental impacts of fishing.

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Why are our snapper starving?
June 27, 2024

LegaSea is stunned that Fisheries New Zealand is blaming the climate for snapper having “milky white flesh syndrome”. Their latest report skips over last year’s lab results that showed snapper…

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Small but mighty, where have our baitfish gone?
June 19, 2024

Originally published in Mahurangi Matters, June 2024. Don’t judge a fish just by its size. The small baitfish such as pilchards or jack mackerels you catch off your local wharf…

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LegaSea Newsletter #148 – Last Chance: Support LegaSea with Koparepare Wine’s 100% Commitment!
June 17, 2024

What would be your ideal restaurant? For us, it would be a place that serves delicious and innovative kaimoana dishes sourced directly from small, artisanal boats and fishing companies that…

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Rescue Fish

A pathway to abundance

Rescue Fish encapsulates everything that LegaSea stands for. A holistic solution to remedy depleted fish stocks and address environmental damage.

Together we can deliver restored abundance and diversity; greater food security; jobs and economic well-being.

Get behind the cause. Go to the Rescue Fish website and sign our petition.

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Our programmes

The Kai Ika project utilises fish heads, frames and offal which were previously going to waste.  Since 2016 over 250,000 kilos of fish parts have been diverted from landfill and repurposed for consumption or organic use.

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FishCare – The school of best practice is an educational initiative to help us reduce our collective impact on the marine environment, while ensuring we maximise the benefits of our fishing effort and catch.

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About Us

LegaSea is a not for profit organisation established by the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council in 2012.

Together with your help we have attended over 900 events, 368 research and planning meetings, funded 80 submissions, created the FishCare education programe, dedicated 715 hours to the Sea Change marine spatial planning process, conducted the largest ever survey of public views on rock lobster management in New Zealand and performed 2 surveys of recreational fishing practices.

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The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has been serving the interests of its 55 member clubs since 1957. Most of these clubs are Incorporated Societies and between them there are 36,200 affiliated members nationwide.

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LegaSea is a group of committed people working together to restore abundance. Our team is a mix of professionals and volunteers. LegaSea is supported by a host of corporate partners and the generosity of thousands of people who care about our marine environment. There is power in numbers, your contribution will make a difference. The tide is turning.

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Starting at just $20 per month, becoming a LegaSea Legend is more than just a financial commitment, it’s a leadership role. You can inspire others to join us, to lend a hand. We are not looking for a few Legends we are looking for thousands.



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Kōparepare wine

Whitehaven is a fully committed LegaSea Platinum Partner who have developed a range of high quality wines to support LegaSea. They donate $1 for every bottle sold as well as all sales from the first 125 cases of the new year’s vintage.

Support LegaSea by drinking Kōparepare wines by Whitehaven.

Barkers X LegaSea

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Our partners

Our Partners, both Platinum and Gold are our lifeblood. They help LegaSea with funding and materials. Their support motivates the team and demonstrates a commitment to all New Zealanders, to ensure our lives are made richer through the health of our fisheries and the environment we all live in.

Our current Platinum Partners are: