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Commission of Inquiry Poll

September 10, 2016 LegaSea is calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the Quota Management System and how our fisheries are managed. Do you support LegaSea’s call for a Commission of Inquiry into the Quota Management System? There is increasing public outrage over the decision by the Ministry for Primary Industries to not prosecute commercial fishers who admitted […]

Barry Torkington: An unholy alliance

August 31, 2016 The opinion piece in Monday’s Dominion Post (We’re catching fish but not value: why the QMS needs reforming) is critical of New Zealand’s Quota Management System (QMS) and with good reason. The academics who authored the piece used the context of a lack of value creation and capture to frame their point. If the New […]

Fryday FryUp – 26 August

August 26, 2016 Welcome to the FryUp – a regular look back at the week of fishing in the news.  Slipping through the net? Radio New Zealand has asked the Ministry for Primary Industries about its prosecution rate in light of the damning report from Auckland University into fish dumping. Fewer than 1% of its prosecutions related to […]

More evidence that MPI doesn’t prosecute fish dumping

August 26, 2016 An Official Information Act request by Radio New Zealand has revealed that less than one percent of all fisheries prosecutions are related to fish dumping. That’s despite evidence showing five out of six industrial fishing boats were dumping fish during Operations Achilles and Hippocamp. Inspectors estimated that crews were dumping anywhere between 20% and 100% […]

A radical change

August 25, 2016 Many people have been asking why it is so hard to have commercial catch limits reduced. It’s a valid question that deserves a good answer. We need to know how and why the Quota Management System has failed to provide a flexible system despite millions of our taxpayers’ dollars being spent on science, monitoring and […]

Government growth targets can damage our fisheries

August 25, 2016 Misdirected growth targets can have unintended consequences. Our fisheries are still recovering from Government policies implemented 40 years ago. A comprehensive review of the Quota Management System will hopefully reveal areas that can be fixed so our fisheries can be restored to abundant levels. Having enough fish to sustain the environment and provide for people’s […]

Unbelievable snapper catch

July 26, 2016 How many millions of snapper are being wasted every year due to commercial fishing? That’s a simple question. After the 2013 controversy Minister Nathan Guy and commercial interests agreed to a raft of measures to estimate the weight of undersized snapper returned to the sea in the northeastern fishery, Snapper 1. After numerous requests, some […]

Fryday Fryup – 1 July

July 1, 2016 Welcome to the FryUp – a regular look back at the week of fishing in the news. Fishing for answers The University of Auckland’s catch reconstruction report continues to upset officials across the country and you’ve got to wonder why. Have a look at the fishing section on the MPI website and you’ll find an […]

Sunlight: the best disinfectant for exposing flaws

June 23, 2016 There is an ongoing furore over the revelations in two official reports that Ministry for Primary Industries officials knew commercial trawl fishers were illegally dumping, discarding and high grading fish but did nothing to stop the crimes or perpetrators. Our New Zealand Sport Fishing Council fisheries team has submitted several Official Information Act requests to […]

Not all fishermen are liars

June 23, 2016 Paul Henry might have been exaggerating when he said recently that all fishermen are liars, but for New Zealand authorities to be caught red-handed under reporting total catch by half to the United Nations for the past 60 years, that’s in another league. The strident denials then ‘shoot the messenger’ reactions from the Minister for […]