Investing in our kids and country

February 27, 2019

The world of fisheries management, research and advocacy has become increasingly complex. So, it’s encouraging for LegaSea and our parent body the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council that there is a growing number of organisations willing to step up and help resource the necessary work.

In the past year LegaSea has worked on five new fund-raising initiatives. All of the companies involved have their unique characteristics. They are offering opportunities for our discerning supporters to buy products from outlets that have our marine environment at heart. These include, but are not limited to the following projects –

Marine Deals have been the legends amongst it all helping LegaSea with logistics and delivery.

Thanks to these organisations and their teams, we couldn’t do this without you all.

Closer to home we have people and clubs making financial and resource commitments to help the cause of restoring abundance to our marine environment.

Just prior to the holiday break we had the Freedom Divers Club commit to supporting LegaSea Hawke’s Bay while providing a much needed $500 top-up to the bank account.

Members of the Ashley Sports Fishing Club also got into the spirit of Xmas and advised they would be donating $30 per member, per annum. For a small club in the South Island this is a big commitment and LegaSea is grateful for their ongoing support.

The Mad Fisherman, or Matt Watson on another day, auctioned off a stunning jig set and managed to raise $740 which he duly passed on to LegaSea. Matt has been a supporter since day one and this is just another example of how he continues to put his money where his heart is. Kia kaha bro.

In the heart of the Waikato, in Matangi, members of the Tugit Fishing Club plot their next fishing foray. They’re a small club whose members enjoy fresh and salt water fishing. Their recent contribution of $200 to LegaSea is much appreciated.

Equally precious are the regular monthly payments made by LegaSea Legends. A monthly commitment of at least $10 represents a chunky investment for a lot of people, and for that we are truly grateful.

Just as important are the commitments from people and clubs to collect names and emails from fishing club contestants, visitors and local community events. From the Whangaroa Sport Fishing Club in Northland to the Ashley club in the south, people have been actively encouraging their visitors to subscribe to LegaSea and stay up with the play.

Our team appreciate the effort everyone is putting in to support the work underway to bring our marine environment back to life and restore our fisheries. Through our collective effort we are investing in our kids, our communities, and our country’s future. It doesn’t get better than that.