The emptiness of purse seining

November 10, 2018 Mentioning purse seining and depleted bait schools in the same sentence instantly raises the heckles of many fishers. There could be some good news on the horizon. Recently the Cook Island’s Court of Appeal upheld a challenge by locals to the way the Cook’s government permits purse seining in their waters. The Court said the […]

Kai Ika project a runaway success

October 26, 2018 When two worlds collide the results can be catastrophic, when it comes to the Kai Ika project it is an outright success. In just two years over 19,000 kilos of fish parts that were previously wasted have been rescued and shared with needy families in South Auckland. Kai Ika is so successful that LegaSea and […]

Shelving not legitimate management

October 15, 2018 As part of the recent tarakihi review corporate commercial interests supported the shelving of tarakihi catch in lieu of the Minister reducing the Total Allowable Commercial Catch. We submitted against the shelving proposal. It is pleasing to report that Stuart Nash has rejected the proposal and applied cuts to commercial catches in the stock spanning […]

Minister’s commitments signal change

September 30, 2018 A positive to come out of the latest round of stock reviews is the Minister’s commitment to change or revisit some long-standing practices that we have objected to for many years. These include truncated consultation timeframes, the inconsistency in setting aside allowances for fishing related mortality, and recognising that current fishing practices need to change. […]

Tarakihi decision staves off the inevitable

September 28, 2018 LegaSea is bitterly disappointed that Stuart Nash has ignored more than 9000 of us calling for decisive cuts to commercial catches of tarakihi on the east coast of New Zealand. From October 1st the Minister of Fisheries has applied a 20% cut to commercial catches, while LegaSea has been campaigning for a 65% reduction. LegaSea […]

International recognition of recreational surveys

September 27, 2018 New Zealand’s recreational harvest surveys have been internationally recognised as being high quality. Experts have agreed that the methods used are robust, producing reliable results suitable for use in management decisions. LegaSea is pleased the peer-reviewed science has now been published, leaving no excuses for anyone to be spreading the old adage that ‘we don’t […]

LegaSea is not ‘anti-commercial fishers’

September 26, 2018 LegaSea is and never has been anti-commercial fishers, we just want to reduce the environmental impacts of bulk harvesting so we can have a more sustainable fishing future. That means getting rid of trawling, seining and dredging from inshore waters so fish populations are free to reproduce and thrive in a healthy marine environment. It […]

Minister fails New Zealand’s fishery

September 26, 2018 The recreational advocacy group LegaSea is bitterly disappointed the Minister of Fisheries has deferred making decisive cuts to commercial catches of tarakihi on New Zealand’s east coast for at least another year. In October Stuart Nash will apply a 20% cut to the commercial catch, while LegaSea has been campaigning for a 65% reduction. LegaSea […]

We can rescue our fisheries from depletion

September 20, 2018 We did it. In just 18 working days our fisheries team developed responses to nine fisheries management proposals, including a comprehensive and pragmatic solution to rebuild the east coast tarakihi stock. The latest science shows that decades of trawling from Northland to Otago has reduced the stock to 17% of its original size, below acceptable […]

Support for decisive tarakihi decision

September 18, 2018 This article was written prior to release of the Minister’s tarakihi decision. Thanks to a collective effort, LegaSea has gathered over 8000 signatures supporting the Minister to make a bold decision to rebuild tarakihi to abundant levels. Together we have called on the Minister to act decisively. Stuart Nash needs to cut commercial catches of […]